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Freshers Week is coming – Fill your email marketing list

A whole new audience is coming to your town.  Chances are that they are coming to your nightclub, so make sure you know who your new customers are with Fusion WiFi.  Our transformational Free WiFi service makes it possible for your promoters to find out about your new customers.  We will get you,

  • Name
  • Email Address
  • Date of Birth
  • Home Town
  • Facebook Likes
  • And much more…

It’s all automated and self service.  It’s the most efficient way to get quality information into your promoters database and your IT guy will love it too because there’s no big installation to undertake.  We integrate into your existing WiFi network.

Check out how we help Deltic Group

Why should you provide Fusion WiFi in your Nightclub?

Nightclub promoters need to know who their customers are to have the next opportunity to attract them back for more good times.  It is only useful if their content will reach the right people.  Fusion WiFi is the best way to get to know and engage with your customers, while offering them a branded WiFi login platform in your venue.

Using their social media credentials, your customers log in to your custom-branded WiFi easily and simply,while our software extracts the ley marketing information from their profile.  Customers want to share their selfies, let their friends know where they are on WhatsApp and upload that Snapchat video. Fusion WiFi make all that possible while giving you something incredible in return.

We provide you the power to:

  • Provide your customer hassle free WiFi
  • Better email marketing database
  • Increase your Facebook Likes
  • Help you push loyalty and referral incentives
  • Make your customers keep coming back through automated emailing tools

Want more customers?  Get in touch today and we can talk you through what you need.  We can have you all set up ready for the freshers!

Or call us on 01202 912 202