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Do you supply the router or must I buy my own?

As a reseller, you are responsible for supplying your client with a configured MikroTik router.  We can advise you on what specification of router is best for your client, but the supply and provision of the router is your responsibility.

Fusion WiFi can provide you with a pre-configured router from £30 + VAT and £7.15 next day UK postage (plus VAT).  If you prefer us to provide the router pre-configured, please contact your Partner Account Manager.

If you wish to acquire your own router, we recommend the following router for small and medium venues – https://routerboard.com/RB941-2nD-TC

For larger venues, the following router is more suitable – http://routerboard.com/RB2011UiAS-RM

We recommend contacting Fusion WiFi support if you have any doubts as to what specification of router would be best.

You can acquire MikroTik routers from many distributors, who are listed on the following webpage, https://routerboard.com/distributors

For a guide on configuring your router, please visit the Configuration Guide here.