Free WiFi for Hotels

Social WiFi is a revolutionary new way to get to know your customers.

Customers benefit from

  • A Simple login process with no passwords
  • Receiving Social Media Updates
  • Personalised Offers Arriving Via Email
  • Loyalty Promotions

You benefit from

  • Gaining Facebook and Twitter Followers
  • Data Capture and Export
  • Promoting Customer Loyalty
  • A Simple Plug & Play Solution

Free WiFi for Hotels is an absolute essential in the modern world. Some would argue that offering Free WiFi is as important as a bed or running water.
Using our unique Social WiFi system in your hotel will help you to revolutionise your marketing efforts.

Why should you provide Social WiFi in your Hotel or Bed and Breakfast?

Hoteliers face stiff competition and marketing challenges, and it’s important to embrace new technologies and marketing methods to survive in an increasingly competitive market. Targeting your message to the right people at the right time is ever more important. Without accurate customer data, this can be a challenge. The rise of Social Media in recent years has given businesses new ways to connect with their customers and present their brand over more channels.

Hoteliers can capitalise on this by creating new and engaging content that reaches a far wider audience. It is only useful if their content will reach the right people.

Introducing Social WiFi, a revolutionary new way to get to know and engage with your customers, while offering them a simple branded WiFi login platform in your venue through a simple-to-use Hotel Wifi Hotspot. Using social media credentials, your customers log in to your custom-branded WiFi easily and simply, in return gaining you valuable and comprehensive data for effective and targeted marketing.


How It Works

  • Your WiFi Network Is Your Business Name
  • Customised & Branded Login Screen
  • Automatic Facebook likes
  • Gain Twitter Followers
  • Encourage Check-ins And Wall Posts
  • Personalised  Emails Sent Automatically
  • Approved Data Capture
  • Real Qualified Customer Data
  • Real-time Customer Statistics
  • WiFi Advertising Opportunities


  • Promote Brand Loyalty
  • View New and Returning Visitors
  • Capture Names, Location, Gender, Age, Date of Birth and Relationship Status
  • Monitor Social Media Login Method
  • Increase Your Social Media Presence
  • Grow Your Email Marketing Database
  • Segment and Targeted Promotion
  • Live Customer Insight
  • Increase Email Open Rates

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Join over 500,000 users around the world that use Fusion WiFi to access Free Social WiFi and the venue owners who connect to thier customers via email and social marketing campaigns.