Terms and Conditions

Our small print, our standard terms and conditions.

1. Interpretation

1.1 The Product

The WiFi login platform from FusionWiFi Ltd (referred to in this document as ‘The Product’) is provided in accordance with the client’s agreement with FusionWiFi Ltd.

1.2 Statement of requirements

The client(s) must agree FusionWiFi Ltd Statement of Requirements prior to the sale of The Product by FusionWiFi Ltd. This forms part of this Terms of Contract.

2. Definitions

Approved Equipment Equipment supplied by FusionWiFi Ltd for the provision of The Product. Carrier Network An internet provider who provides the fixed line (or other) internet connection to The Location, whether provided by FusionWiFi Ltd or by The Client. Signature of Acceptance A written or electronic acceptance of terms and acceptance of installation and provision of Approved Equipment. Customer Branded Product A version of The Product where the SSID is customised with the Client’s name of choice and branding, and the Landing Page is client branded. Hotspot A location where The Product is provided to the Client through FusionWiFi Ltd Approved Equipment and IP Transit of data occurs to FusionWiFi’s data centre. Initial Order The first client order. Installation Installing FusionWiFi Ltd Approved Equipment at venues. Splash Page The web page which will be automatically located by devices on connection to the wireless network, and which will be the initial web page viewed by all Users and will offer the User the option to log on to internet. Landing Page The web page which will be automatically located by devices following successful authentication of the Users social media account. Materials Any documents and materials supplied by FusionWiFi Ltd in connection with The Product, which may also incorporate the marks and / or logos of the Client(s) and FusionWiFi Ltd. User Data Data automatically extracted from the social media account upon User authentication. Set Up Fees The set up fees specified in the client contract at time and date of agreement of sale. SSID Service Set Identifier, used to differentiate between one hotspot and another (Wireless Network Name). Venue The premises at which Approved Equipment is situated. Product Commencement Date The date agreed between the Client and FusionWiFi Ltd at which provision of The Product will begin. Wireless Broadband (a) A network conforming to the IEEE802.11(a), (b), (g), (n) and / or (ac) standards (as varied or amended from time to time) and any new wireless standard being analogous to or a development of such standards which comes into commercial use at any time during the term of the contract and which FusionWiFi Ltd may, at its sole discretion, integrate into the Network; and / or (b) Wired or wireless IP access networks; and / or (c) Other wireless technologies; and / or (d) A combination of (a), (b), and (c); and / or (e) Such other wireless networks as FusionWiFi Ltd may from time to time at its discretion integrate into the Network. WLAN Wireless Local Area Network.

3. Public WiFi – ‘The Product’

3.1 Service / Approved Equipment

On receipt of Signature of Acceptance, FusionWiFi will; (a) Provide Approved Equipment for each hotspot and support the WLAN Services at each Hotspot. (b) Provide the Client with access to a help desk during the service hours to assist with problems with the Hotspot and / or The Product. (c) Provide an initial or example design for the Splash Page and Landing Page. (d) Provide the Client with access details to The Product administration portal.

3.2 The Product requirements

The Client acknowledges that the ability of FusionWiFi Ltd to provide The Product is dependent on the availability of an acceptable Internet service to the FusionWiFi Ltd device. FusionWiFi Ltd will advise the Customer of the required device specific Internet requirements prior to the Initial Order. Internet connection may be provided either by the Client’s existing provider or a provider source by FusionWiFi Ltd.

3.3 Service Availability

The Client accepts that The Product may fail from technical fault or otherwise from time to time. The Client shall report any faults by telephone or electronic mail to FusionWiFi Ltd using the telephone number and / or e-mail address provided from time to time by FusionWiFi Ltd for such purpose. FusionWiFi Ltd and / or its third parties will take steps to correct faults as soon as is reasonably possible. Any failures of the Carrier Network are out of the control of FusionWiFi and The Client shall take commercially reasonable endeavours to resolve the fault with the Carrier Network and such failure shall not constitute a breach by FusionWiFi Ltd.

3.4 Suspension

FusionWiFi Ltd may from time to time suspend or terminate the Services to any and all Hotspots for technical, operational or other reasons.

3.5 End User Access

Access to The Product by Users shall be subject to acceptance by the User of the Terms of Use and Privacy policy as contained on a hyperlink from the Splash Page. Connection from the Splash Page to the Landing Page is dependent upon the acceptance of these terms. FusionWiFi Ltd may amend or replace these terms at any time without notice.

3.6 Branding

Upon purchase of The Product, the SSID, Splash Page and Landing Page can be customised within the limitations of the software. The User Terms of Use and Privacy will be FusionWiFi Ltd branded. Materials will be provided to the Client by FusionWiFi Ltd for The Product advertisement within the Venue. Such materials will be FusionWiFi branded. The Client may request further Materials from FusionWiFi Ltd at a cost to be agreed. Non-standard material will be paid for by the Client. Any adaptation of the Materials by the Client must be approved in writing by FusionWiFi Ltd. FusionWiFi Ltd may vary the content and layout of the Materials from time to time. Client branding requirements will be agreed prior to Product Commencement Date.

3.7 Exclusivity

The Client agrees that FusionWiFi Ltd shall be the exclusive supplier of the WLAN Services for the duration of the Client Agreement with FusionWiFi Ltd.

4. Equipment

4.1 Equipment Installation

The Client is solely responsible for the installation and connection of all Client Equipment and Approved Equipment provided by FusionWiFi Ltd. FusionWiFi Ltd will provide installation guides to assist the Client during the installation process. FusionWiFi Ltd will provide the Client with access to a help desk during the service hours to assist during the installation process. The Client may request further installation assistance from FusionWiFi Ltd at a cost to be agreed and borne by the Client.

4.2 Faulty Equipment

The Client may reject any FusionWiFi Ltd Approved Equipment for non-conformance with the manufacturers’ specifications after delivery, provided any such notice of rejection is given to FusionWiFi Ltd within 14 days of Delivery, after which acceptance of FusionWiFi Ltd Approved Equipment by the Client shall be deemed to have been given. Upon confirmation of rejection by the Client, FusionWiFi Ltd shall provide replacement Approved Equipment at no cost to the Client and the client should make arrangements to return the faulty Approved Equipment within a timescale agreed. All hardware or equipment provided by FusionWiFi Ltd is covered under a manufacturers 12 month warranty. Any faulty hardware or equipment must be returned to FusionWiFi Ltd upon confirmation and at the cost of The Client.

4.3 Hardware Upgrades

FusionWiFi Ltd may, at its own discretion and expense, install upgraded equipment, IP Transit and / or other components of the Network at any time to ensure a good quality of service is provided to Client and Users.

5. Splash Page and Landing Page

5.1 Branding Set Up

Upon receipt of Signature of Agreement from the Client, FusionWiFi Ltd will apply a basic initial design to the Splash Page and Landing Page.

5.2 Branding Changes

Any changes to the Splash Page and Landing Page must be completed by the Client and can be done at any time using The Product administration portal. Email support is available during normal office hours.

5.3 Branding Refusal

FusionWiFi Ltd reserve the right to reject any design of the Splash Page and / or Landing Page at any time and may withdraw the content from the network without notice or explanation from FusionWiFi Ltd. Notification of withdrawal of content will be communicated to the Client as soon as reasonably possible.

5.4 Image Copyright

The Client must hold permission to use any images, slogans, logos and / or other uploaded content from the content owner. FusionWiFi Ltd bear no responsibility for any breaches of copyright law due to the illegal upload of such content to the Splash Page and / or Landing Page.

6. Data Protection

FusionWiFi Ltd and the Client, where agreed will both have access to User Data and must both comply with the appropriate and current Data Protection Laws. FusionWiFi Ltd and the Client shall comply with its obligations under Data Protection Legislation. The Client acknowledges that FusionWiFi Ltd is the Data Controller of the Users’ Personal Data. FusionWiFi Ltd licences The Client use of the collected User Data for the marketing of their core business via email or social media, so long as they remain an active subscriber to FusionWiFi Ltd’s services. Upon cease of service whether written, verbally or through expiration of contract, continued use of the User Data is strictly prohibited. Any copies of the data be it physical or Digial must be destroyed. Breach of this term will automatically and immediately result the renewal of service for the minimum contract period of 30 days.

7. Charges

Set Up Fees will be invoiced for on receipt of the Signature of Agreement. Subscription charges will be billed and debited monthly in advance, the first month will be pro-rated based on the following calculation (monthly amount divisible by the number of days in the month multiplied by the number of days remaining in that month). FusionWiFi Ltd may change at any time with 28 days written notice to the Client. Monthly subscription costs will not change for the duration of the contract, however, the debited cost may change due to changes in the tax laws within the territory of business. Notice will be given of such tax changes by FusionWiFi Ltd to the client of no less than 28 days.

8. Client Obligations

The client shall; (a) At its own expense provide electricity to each item of the equipment needing electricity for the operation of the Hotspot, in accordance with specifications of the Authorised Equipment. (b) Not undertake or permit any modification, repair, removal, or disconnection of the FusionWiFi Ltd Authorised Equipment or Client Equipment or otherwise carry out any work on the same, and not use or permit to be used that equipment for any purpose other than the provision of the WLAN Services by FusionWiFi Ltd pursuant to this Contract. (c) Allow FusionWiFi Ltd, upon reasonable notice and with prior agreement (which agreement shall not be unreasonably withheld or delayed) access to the Hotspots: (1) to inspect, maintain, test or remove the FusionWiFi Ltd or Customer Equipment or the Hotspot (as relevant); and / or (2) to conduct quality of service measurement or other reasonable research in respect of the WLAN Services. (d) Throughout the term, that The Product is provided, at each Hotspot, promote the availability of WLAN Services to Users in the areas where the WLAN Services are available and communal areas of the Venue(s) using either the Materials supplied by FusionWiFi Ltd or the Clients own marketing materials. (e) Allow FusionWiFi Ltd to publicise the availability of WLAN services.

9. Contract Duration and Termination

9.1 Contract Duration

The minimum contract duration is 12 months excluding any promotional free trial periods. The contract duration is determined on Signature of Acceptance for each location. The contract duration for one location will not affect the contract duration for any other location, unless a co-terminus contract is agreed.

9.2 Termination Notice Period

A complete calendar month notice period is required in writing by the client to or to our postal address shown on our website and all invoices or to [email protected]fi.com.

9.3 Consequences of Termination

On termination of The Product, the Client will no longer receive The Product or access to The Product administration portal will be revoked. Termination of The Product will not affect any agreement with any Carrier Network, and it is the responsibility of the Client to terminate such agreement if desired.

9.4 Late Payment/ Missed Payment Charges

FusionWiFi Ltd may enforce a late or missed payment charge, per incident, up to £25 +VAT. Continued late or missed payments may result in the contract balance being pursued in full.

9.5 Termination Charges

The Client shall pay FusionWiFi Ltd any outstanding contract amount upon termination of the contract. FusionWiFi Ltd shall provide details of the outstanding balance within 72 hours of receipt of written confirmation of the termination of the contract.

9.6 Termination

Should the Client not wish to proceed with The Product within 14 days from the point of order, the Client may cancel The Product. The Client must inform FusionWiFi Ltd in writing to [email protected]fi.com. Termination charges will apply. Any hardware or equipment being returned as supplied will be subject to a £25 +VAT re-stocking fee will be removed from the refundable balance.

10. Technical Support

FusionWiFi Ltd shall provide the Client with support contact details at the Initial Order stage. Any changes will be notified to Clients with reasonable notice. FusionWiFi Ltd will not provide support for Hotspot Users.