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Social WiFi

If you’ve ever logged on to a free WiFi service using your Facebook, Twitter or Google account, chances are that you’ve used our Social WiFi system.

Since FusionWiFi’s inception in 2013, our proprietary software and systems have been used by thousands of venues throughout the UK and the world.

As our Social WiFi solution became increasingly integral for our clients, we began to receive more and more requests to design, install and manage entire networks from business premises to outdoor networks covering entire town centres.

WiFi Network Design

From small, secure WiFi networks for offices to large, high-capacity outdoor solutions for entire town centres, we design WiFi Networks and Wireless Solutions to meet your specific industry and operational needs. Our experienced team of engineers and solution experts provide you with the technical savvy and commercial know-how to design a network to help achieve your organisation’s goals. Get in touch today to arrange your free site survey.


Depending on the complexity of your project, the installation of your WiFi network could take anything from just a few hours to several days. Prior to installation our team will assemble, pre-configure and test as many components of the system offsite as possible. This helps to ensure the installation process will have minimal impact on your business. Once in place, our team will make any further optimisations and tests before demonstrating the network and answering any questions your team may have.


As part of any site survey, our team will ascertain what bandwidth requirements your network will have and look at your options if increased performance and speed is required. For many small businesses, a standard business broadband connection will suffice for most operational needs although dedicated leased lines are becoming increasingly popular especially where businesses use VoIP or an internet outage would lead to lost revenues or productivity.

For businesses operating in rural areas we can often improve existing internet speeds. If this is not possible using your local telecommunications infrastructure then the use of Satellite Broadband or Point-to-Point systems can be explored.


Support & Maintenance

If your network is business critical in any way we recommend discussing the options available for ongoing support and maintenance.

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Solutions & Integrations

Our Social WiFi system can be integrated with web services, apps and a range of our industry specific partner solutions to make magic things happen!



CCTV Systems can be expensive to have installed separately but when added to your network installation can potentially save your business thousands.


Discuss your project with one of our engineers and book your free site survey.

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