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Our most popular Frequently Asked Questions.

For information on how to find your way around the Fusion WiFi portal, visit our Instructions page. For technical support, call us on 01202 912 202 or email us at support@fusionwifi.com.


What is Fusion WiFi?

It’s a way for you to make your marketing much more effective. It allows you to collect data from your customers by offering them free WiFi, with a socially-enabled login through Facebook and others. To access the internet in your venue, customers must log in using a social media account. They will then be prompted to automatically interact with your company’s social media pages, be this through tweets, Facebook likes, postsetc, in exchange for access to free WiFi. There is an option to login for customers without a social media account.

What do I need to get started?

We will supply you with a special pre-configured FusionWiFi wireless router. You simply connect the box up to your existing internet connection and you’ll be online within seconds.

What social media networks do you support?

All our packages support Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ as standard.

I have several venues, do you support this?

Yes. Our top package is specifically designed to support multiple venues. This allows management of your sites from a single point within our management portal. From here you can control the features each of your child venues has access to. This is particularly useful if marketing is handled locally.

I have international venues, will FusionWiFi still work?

Yes, FusionWiFi works throughout the world. Please call us for international orders.

How safe is my customer’s data?

All publicly-available data collected is stored on redundant storage arrays and backed up nightly. We utilise the latest SSL encryption techniques to ensure your customer’s data is safe and secure.

Do I have to sign any contracts?

No, we operate on a 30 rolling notice period – we’re confident that once you’re with us you won’t want to leave!

Can I upgrade my account in the future?

Yes, of course – you can upgrade your package at any time by calling us on 01202 912 202. When you change, we will change your limits straight away and start your new billing amount on a pro-rata basis.

What payment methods do you accept?

For monthly subscription payments, we can accept Visa, Mastercard, Visa Electron or American Express. If you’re in the UK you may also set up an easy monthly Direct Debit.

What support do you offer?

All our customers have telephone access to our technical support to assist should you have any teething problems at the point of installation. After your service is up and running we offer email and full telephone support for all of our package. If you require technical support, please email us or call us on 01202 912 202.Our office hours are 9.00 to 5.30pm.

What if my visitor doesn’t use social media?

It’s possible to log in using a verified and registered email address. Customer should select “Login with an Email Address” on the main login screen, where they will be directed to supply an email address. once they have done so, they will received a link to click to verify. They must do this while connected to your WiFi. The process needs to be completed only once. When an email address has been registered, the user can use it at any Fusion WiFi venue.

What does this cost?

We’ve four packages to choose from, each with different levels of functionality and data access. More details can be found on our packages page.

Can I get more Facebook Likes, Twitter Followers, email addresses?

It’s possible to set Facebook Likes as compulsory, meaning a user must like your page in order to access free WiFi. Email addresses are captured from Facebook, LinkedIn and Google logins. You don’t get email addresses from Twitter users, that’s a limitation of the Twitter API.

Can I advertise?

You may set up advertising on your splash screen, so in theory you could rent space to your suppliers and essentially have them pay for the service for you. This functionality is available on certain packages.

What kind of data do you collect?

How can I see it? We have a dashboard which you will log into to see your statistics and data. More information isavailable on our Dashboard Instructions page. Example data fields collected from Facebook data include, but are not limited to, the following: Full name / Date of birth/ Age / Email address / Relationship Status / Significant other / Gender / Place of work / Place of education / Home town / Current location / Favourite sports teams/people/quotes / Number of friends / Number of followers / Facebook ID / Twitter ID / Linkedin ID / Google+ page / Last visit This is a permission-based system, so any customer who logs in must give their permission to share their data with you, in the same way that any social media app requests your permission to install.

Is FusionWiFi Ltd registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office as a Data Controller?

Absolutely. We take our Data Protection responsibilities very seriously here at Fusion WiFi.

Do you integrate with any CRM or email software?

You are able to download data as a .csv files, which you can import manually into a CRM of your choice.

Can I send offers and coupons to my customers?

You email your customers based on whether they like or follow you, and also when they make a social media post. So how about sending an email at point of login requesting they share a link to their wall in return for an offer? Once they do it, the second email triggers with a voucher/coupon code on it. A great way to get your customers’ friends noticing you. You can optionally have your customers automatically like your Facebook page before connecting, or not. It’s up to you. Most people have this turned on though, it’s a great way to boost your likes.

How does it all work?

The Fusion WiFi router will create 2 wireless connections, so you have have “Venue Name FREE” for your customer, and “Venue Name STAFF” for your staff. The staff one can be set up like any normal connection, just requiring a WiFi password that you can give to your staff. All data and internet activity is securely tunnelled through our servers.

I have a very large venue. Can you help with installation? What equipment will I need?

Our standard Mikrotik router will do the job for smaller venues. It you require multi-room installation with multiple access points, you should contact us to discuss. We can source and supply all the hardware pre-configured for a new installation. Our router works with any Access Points you might already have in place. How many APs you wish to install may affect which router you require. Call us on 01202 912 202 and we can talk about your specific requirements.

I’m not getting a splash screen. I have a Virgin Media Router.

Virgin supply their routers with VPN traffic blocked as standard. If you have a Virgin supplied router, you’ll need to log in to it and enable port 1723 over PPTP. If this doesn’t mean anything to you, call us and we’ll help you.

Do I need to flash/modify firmware to routers or access points?

No. Our solution is plug and play and all self contained in the social wifi router that we send you. You don’t need to modify any equipment you have on site, nor any additional equipment that we supply. Flashing your hardware is time consuming, technical, and may invalidate your warranty, which is why our system is designed in a different way.