Social WiFi Hardware
Simple ‘Plug and Play’ installation.

What can a Social WiFi router do for you?

Offering free WiFi to your customers is almost a no-brainer these days. It increases the amount of time they spend in your establishment, and subsequently their spend. It gives you the competitive advantage over your customer who do not offer free WiFi.

But have you thought about what you get in return? A socially-enabled router will allow you to capture detailed customer information whenever your customers log in using a social media account. This data can be used for targeted and relevant marketing, and of course help your social media pages become more engaging to your audience.

How easy is it?

Utterly. Fusion WiFi supply the router. You just plug it into your broadband using the Ethernet cable, then plug it into the wall. No messing about downloading firmware updates, reading through technical articles written by PhD students. It’s all done for you.

We use the Mikrotik RB951UI-2HND router for smaller venues.

For larger venues, please contact us to discuss your options.

Mikrotik hAP Lite Social WiFi