Whether your event is inside, outside, a B2B conference, sporting event or music festival in a rural field, Fusion WiFi have over a decade of experience in providing robust temporary WiFi  and Event WiFi networks for large scale events.

Don’t Rely On The Mobile Network!

Event organisers often require temporary WiFi networks to ensure the smooth operation of services and prevent the audience from suffering long queues or “technical difficulties”.

Without a dedicated temporary WiFi network, organisers run the very high risk of their event grinding to a halt due to the very real issue of mobile network congestion. This happens when large numbers of people all gather in the same proximity and too many mobile devices want to connect to the same mobile masts. The issue is not one you can overcome on the day and has the potential to cost you and your contractors in lost business and poor reviews.

If you are not already familiar with this issue, network congestion is at least likely to cause your contractor’s PDQ machines or any electronic ticketing systems to run at a snails pace! With event-goers expecting to be able to pay for services electronically, the additional processing time will create far longer queues which will prevent sales and lower customer satisfaction. No one likes queueing for long periods at time!

Worse still, if your production team is relying on an internet connection, mobile network congestion could cause disruption to your show or performance.

Fusion WiFi can prevent this from happening by providing you with our event wifi service, a dedicated wireless network solely for your service suppliers, security or production team. This will ensure that any electronic devices used by your contractors can get online without obstruction or delay.

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Guest WiFi For Events

Our Social WiFi system presents event organisers with the opportunity to capture large amounts of data from their captive audience. Seamlessly integrating with your online marketing tools, it will also help your audience share their images and videos online.
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