Building long lasting relationships with your customers is an important part of growing a successful businesses. Automation of business functions through innovation is on the rise. A significant majority of local businesses offer free WiFi to their customers but have you ever wondered why do businesses need to offer WiFi?

Your customers expect it
Believe it or not, the quality of your WiFi and how easy it is to use is as important as the products you’re selling and the quality of your service. Don’t just take our word for it though, studies by numerous groups have drawn the conclusions that it’s pretty high up on a consumers’ hierarchy of needs.

It’s a utility
Not only do people expect it, they are less likely to return to your premises if they know you don’t provide it. Consumers’ are expecting WiFi in the same way that they expect a bathroom or heating in the venue. Don’t assume that everybody has high mobile data tariffs just because you do. People will pull out their phone at any odd minute during a visit to a venue.

It can work for you too
Don’t give it out in exchange for nothing. Legally you need to know who is using your network otherwise you’ll be in hot water. Make sure you create a system with a simple ‘captive portal’ for login authentication.  What is a captive portal? It’s a mechanism for you to capture the information of the people logging in. If you capture the right information, then you can use that information to remarket to those known customers.

Your competitors are giving it out
Remember point two and the negative impact of people not coming back? Well if your top competitors have it and you don’t, it’s another tick in the box in favour of your competitor and another nail in your coffin.

It’s so easy
WiFi isn’t difficult. We assume it is, but in reality it’s so easy that major providers send you the box to plug in yourself at home. It’s no different when you’re looking to offer it for free to customers. And it’s cheap.  Fusion WiFi will have you set up at minimal cost and a box in the post same day, you’ll be online within 5 minutes of the mailman delivering the package.

Paul Webster

Paul Webster

Chief Operating Officer

COO at Fusion WiFi, Consultant at Silicon South. Proud Yorkshireman & Student of the Polish language.

Mainly responsible for shaping the financial and strategic direction of the business, but also love finding ways to create ROI for businesses and solving problems that they didn't know existed.  It's not about the WiFi, its about the interaction.