Your customers demand to be online 24/7. This is true even when they’re eating. You’ve probably noticed a lot of them have their smartphones out at the dinner table. Whether you agree that people shouldn’t be browsing Facebook while eating or not, the fact is that a lot of people do. You may as well make it easier for them!

You might already be offering free WiFi to your customers, and they may thank you for it. But what if your login process is hard to use? What if they have to fill a long form in just to get online? Have you considered that the customer’s experience is lessened by these little annoyances? Perhaps not to the extent they they won’t come back, but if they have to spend ten minutes getting online, that’s 10 minutes they’re not looking at the menu.

Social WiFi solves this problem by allowing them to log in with a social media account in 19 seconds. 6 seconds if they’re a returning customer. So they can spend more time looking at your menu and less time filling in horrible forms.

Free WiFi for Restaurants

Not only is it great for your customer though, it’s great for you. While up until now you’ve been handing out a WiFi password and paying for a broadband connection because it’s what everyone else does, you could be given so much more in return for offering WiFi.

For example, how about collecting a Facebook page like from everyone who logs in using Facebook? That would really help with your Facebook user base, wouldn’t it? You’d be able to reach many more people with your mid-week updates and menu highlights.

What if you could collect an email address from your customers instantly? You could include them in your newsletter mailing list. You could even thank them for their visit and entice them back with a money off coupon. Imagine if you could to this automatically?

With Social WiFi from Fusion WiFi, you can do all this, and so much more. Your customers will thank you for getting them online more easily, and you can get valuable information from them to aid in your marketing. People are far more likely to open a promotional email if it’s from someone they’ve recently done business with.

And this is really where the power of Social WiFi comes into play. Marketing is all about speaking to the right people, at the right time, with the right message. It’s not overly difficult, it just takes some planning and knowing who your customers are. If you have a lot of information about your customer, most of the hard work is done for you. Why not try our proven and powerful system for some tips to get your business noticed?