After nearly three years of trading, my fellow directors and I sat down and asked ourselves, ‘what is slowing our team down the most?’  We’d grown steadily in the first two years and workloads were manageable, but in year three, things started to kick on.

We were acquiring more direct clients, more resellers and adding more depth to our range of features.  It all sounds great, but the major problem we were all experiencing was that our workloads were becoming more unmanageable.  We spent so much time helping clients on their installs and making the most of the system features that new customer queries were backing up.

We had to change, so we created the Knowledge Base.  This is live and accessible to everybody now.

The Fusion WiFi Knowledge Base will provide existing clients and resellers all the technical knowledge they need to deploy our system and guides on how to make the most of the marketing functionality we provide.

An investment in knowledge pays the best interest – Benjamin Franklin

The Knowledge Base also has many FAQs that will help interested parties find the answers they need to make the right business choice.  Converting an existing free WiFi network into a marketing tool can sometimes be complicated and some people like to know the finer details of what they’re getting involved with.

We wanted to create a resource for people to visit and get the answers they need instantly, without the need for support calls and tickets.  Our resellers typically want to apply more to the network than plug-and-play and require additional guides.

We will continue to add to the Knowledge Base and seek feedback on where it can be improved, but we hope that it makes life a lot easier for all of our partners.

New and existing customers can access the Knowledge Base now at