Social media marketing is a must at the moment and has been for some time. Businesses that hit the right notes with their Social media marketing benefit from a much bigger audience engaging with their content and effectively endorsing it to their group of friends.

Powerful Tips for Businesses for Social Media Marketing


Social Media has allowed businesses to ‘be themselves’ and stand out from their competitors when it comes to their voice. But what can you do to not sound corporate and/or boring 100% of the time? Let Fusion suggest a few ideas!

1) Please the eye

A picture says a thousand words…. apparently. But when you only have 140 characters to play with, an image can really help the message. If what you’re saying isn’t enough to capture the audience’s attention, then an image can be the trigger to stop and take a deeper look.

Do you have a ‘run-of-the-mill’ product that doesn’t look very exciting? Get a good camera, someone who can use Photoshop and jazz it up a bit to look modern, exciting and something people want in their lives. Always sell the dream of something better!

McDonald and Burger King2) Neg the competition

We all know who our competitors are, or local businesses that have a similar product. Sometimes we avoid interacting with these businesses for understandable reasons, but time to time there is no harm in striking up some ‘banter’ with the opposition.

Famously in 2015, McDonalds and Burger King engaged in some tongue-in-cheek back and forth about World Peace burger and Old Spice and Taco Bell disputed misleading company names in 2012. Or how about Qantas and Air New Zealand setting each other a wager during the 2015 Rugby World Cup.

These kind of light-hearted exchanges can capture an audience and get the network talking about you both. Just don’t go too personal with it.



3) Go with the flow

Viral trends come and go. It seems that there is a new viral trend each month. I think about Harlem Shake and that was THREE years ago!! Where is time going? Recently it’s, ‘Meet Bill, Bill is smart’.

You’ll be smart if you latch onto these things early. The earlier the better. You’ll be seen as the trendsetters in social activity, but if you’re late to the game then you’ll be seen as a tag along and not with the times.

Being late to the party could actually hurt your brand. Make sure you know what’s popular!


4) Sell, without selling

The hardest trick in the book to do well, but the most effective if done correctly. How can you sell your product without shoving a ‘BUY ME’ message down their throat?

From what we can tell, the companies that do it best, relate to a current event and promote how their product can make the event or experience more enjoyable. Take a look at how Magners transformed the cider market – ok this was a long time ago but it was a tremendous example of how to sell a lifestyle and not a product.

There is always a major sporting event, TV series that has everyone hooked or a piece of news that everyone is clinging to. Hook onto these and somehow attach your product to it.

5) Don’t take yourself too seriously

If you’re a serious business with a seriously important product or service, then show a lighter side to your personality on Social Media. Nobody wants to scroll through their timeline and see a deadly serious message. Make them smile and make them like you.

Social Media is probably the one place you can go off on a tangent and let your hair down as a business, so take that opportunity.

And one, serious, DO NOT DO!

Never, EVER, fish for likes!

‘Like when you see it’

‘Share to win’

‘Tag a friend who…’

It’s weak, cheap and lazy!

Paul Webster

Paul Webster

Chief Operating Officer

COO at Fusion WiFi, Consultant at Silicon South. Proud Yorkshireman & Student of the Polish language.

Mainly responsible for shaping the financial and strategic direction of the business, but also love finding ways to create ROI for businesses and solving problems that they didn't know existed.  It's not about the WiFi, its about the interaction.