If you have a business in the hospitality or entertainment sector, you will know how important it is to please your guests. Providing quality Wi-Fi for your guests is just one of many ways to keep them happy and entertained. How would you rate your current Wi-Fi? If it’s painfully slow, this will be having a negative effect on guest experience.

It’s time to provide your customers with a better experience. Read on to find out why you should give the gift of great Wi-Fi to your customers this Christmas.

Deck The Halls with Wi-Fi

Let’s face it, there is no escaping the Christmas rush, no matter what line of public facing business you’re in. People love to go places over the Christmas period, whether that’s eating out at a restaurant or hitting the pub.

One thing is certain though, having high speed, reliable Wi-Fi is crucial. This helps family and friends stay connected over the Christmas period no matter where they might find themselves. Nobody wants to use unreliable Guest Wi-Fi. Not forgetting slowed down Hotel Wi-Fi that can’t handle the absurd number of people in the area surfing the net. For the most part, this can cause irritable guests within your establishment. If you work in the hospitality sector you will be more than aware, this leads to poor reviews that reflect negatively on your business.

Poor Wi-Fi leads to irritated customers

An Ericsson study was carried out in Denmark, a country with exceptional Wi-Fi speed. The results of the study showed how those that are used to high Wi-Fi speeds presented high levels of stress or even anger and annoyance at a slight disturbance or delay in internet speeds. Video streaming delays generate as much stress as watching a horror film and ‘moderate delays result in a double negative for mobile operators: decreased engagement with their brand and increased engagement with competitors’ Today Online quotes.

Irritated customers not only benefit your competitors but can have a negative effect on your hard-working staff. Difficult and agitated customers and their complaints can be stressful for your workforce to deal with. This is especially true when it’s an issue, such as poor broadband, that they cannot fix themselves.

In addition to this, most customer serving businesses rely on technology to function in most aspects of their business. Especially since the Covid-19 pandemic, contactless methods of payment/ordering etc have become preferable. Bouncepad found that in the restaurant sector, 80% of business owners are exploring new tech. They also found 61% of customers say waiting staff using hand-held tablets improves their experience.

Problems such as customer unsatisfaction and failing service technology tend to repeat themselves when poor Wi-Fi is the culprit. Ultimately this creates a draining workplace, possibly leaving you with worn out staff through the busy Christmas period.

The Benefits of Having Good Wi-Fi at Christmas

If your Wi-Fi is slow, useless, or just happens to crash a lot, this could really affect your brand. It can cause your customers to feel disconnected and alienated. Subsequently, you can develop a reputation for somewhere that doesn’t have a good signal, which in this modern age is bad for business.

Having a network that supports reliable Wi-Fi has now become as important as having heating, air conditioning and running water – it’s a necessity for just about everyone. Especially indoors where mobile signals are weaker.

Another report has been made by the company Ericsson assessing the socioeconomic effects of broadband use. It found companies that installed or upgraded their broadband saw an 11.1% productivity gain than those businesses that did not upgrade.

Providing your customers with good Wi-Fi at Christmas as a hospitality or entertainment business has many benefits in increasing productivity. Some of these include:

  • Increased Customer Satisfaction – Having better hotel Wi-Fi for example, makes your guests stay more enjoyable. This is because they can stay connected to family as well as streaming their favourite shows smoothly.
  • Simple To Install – Here at Fusion Wi-Fi, we can easily install a Wi-Fi network for your business quickly and hassle free. Therefore, giving your customers access to speedy Wi-Fi.
  • Enhanced Browsing Experience – Ensure guests are satisfied with their stay or while spending time at your business. Great Wi-Fi gives you the chance to gather useful data from your customer base too.
  • Promote Your Business – With Wi-Fi that is smooth and runs faultlessly, you can easily promote your business. This can be done through collecting customer emails that sign on to your network. After they have signed up, you then can send promotions, such as holiday offers to help ensure your business thrives over the Christmas period.

We Wish You a Merry Christmas

Are you looking for Wi-Fi installation that is both of a superb quality and cost effective? Fusion Wi-Fi can help you bring the wonderful gift of brilliant, high-speed Wi-Fi to all your customers this festive period.

Why not get in contact with Fusion Wi-Fi today to see how we can help your business? We pride ourselves in being one of the UK’s top providers of Wi-Fi Network Solutions. We have you covered this Christmas no matter the size of your business.