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Design, installation and managed solutions of Public WiFi Networks for both passenger transport terminals and onboard bus and train systems.

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WiFi Solutions For Transport Terminals & Onboard Systems

The design and installation of public WiFi networks for the transportation industry, whether for passenger terminals or onboard buses and trains, pose a number of complex design considerations.

For terminals and stationary spaces, the location, area and structural components of the building will heavily dictate the type and number of wireless access points required to meet peak demands. Other considerations such as possible interference issues and security need addressing and testing thoroughly.

For onboard WiFi systems on buses and trains, routes need analysing against coverage maps to ensure the correct combination of 4G and 5G data providers and hardware are used to maximise signal strength and bandwidth.

Once installed, ongoing monitoring and servicing will ensure your passengers can rely on the opportunity to turn time spent travelling, into productive work or leisure time.

Passenger using WiFi network on train
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Transport Solutions

For terminals with retail units, duty free and restaurants, our Social WiFi guest login solution can easily be tailored and updated to promote special offers to your captive audience all whilst compliantly collecting valuable marketing information. 

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