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With thousands of customers passing through daily, Retail Parks and Shopping Centres are perfect areas to install Social WiFi.

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With more shoppers going online, retail parks and shopping centres are faced with an increasing number of challenges. When it comes to increasing visitor’s length of stay, average spend or repeat visits, in the installation of public WiFi Network can provide a number of solutions.

As well as designing, installing and managing WiFi networks for retail parks and shopping centres, Fusion WiFi can now integrate various solutions which provide measurable benefits for shoppers, retailers and centre managers.

Whilst simply offering free WiFi has been shown to improve these important metrics, by bridging the gap between the physical retail park and a visitor’s online or social experience, we can further improve the overall customer experience and boost revenues.

How do we do this? The first step is to introduce our proprietary Social WiFi system to act as the gateway to your public network. When a visitor connects to the WiFi our system will compliantly collect and store that users data. This can be immediately introduced into your CRM software, Facebook Audiences and any email marketing campaigns.

Since we now have a captive user on your network, we can (depending upon their privacy settings), push promotion messages to their mobile device. Depending on your objectives, these could funnel the user online to special offers, loyalty schemes or surveys.

For larger retail parks, your own custom mobile guide with a map of retailers can even be downloaded via the WiFi network without the need for the user to visit an app store. The usage of the app can then be integrated with your existing digital marketing efforts and even be used to measure footfall.

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Social WiFi

Retail Parks and Shopping Centres are perfect areas to install Social WiFi. With thousands of customers passing through daily, our system can seamlessly and compliantly collect their data when they log on to your Public WiFi.

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