It’s difficult to think of many industries that are more competitive than the Nightclub sector. People who have been around long enough will tell you that a night out is ‘not like it used to be’ and will probably point to the recession and increase in prices.

But every night, thousands of nightclubs across the UK open their doors promising people an amazing night and the hottest party in town. However, if you pace the streets after midnight, for every busy looking nightclub, you will find a handful of deserted dancefloors too.

It’s a competitive landscape with supply outstripping demand. Every club in town is pretty much fighting over the same people, so this week we look at how you can make sure your nightclub is the hottest place to be in town.

Target the right audience in the right way
Every club has its target audience so build a brand that appeals to that audience. Whether you’re a club with a Pacific Island theme or a chilled out rooftop bar, you’ll know the type of people that you want to attract.

Use your Social Media to promote your club based on the lifestyle interests of your target audience. If you’re really good at gathering data about your customers, then break this data down to send specific content to these people.  A guy is going to be as interested in 2 for 1 Cosmos as a woman is with £1.99 pints of lager.

Themed events
This a great idea whether you’re busy 7 days a week or struggling to keep the doors open. People love an excuse to dress up differently.  It’s something different and if the event is cool enough, people want to be known to be going – create a ‘Jones Effect’.

A themed event creates noise, publicity and word of mouth publicity.  Once people are there, dressed up different and having a great time, they will share photo after photo on Social Media.

Sceptical and unsure? Look at how Gatsby Nights filled the dancefloors of any club that held one!

Make everyone a VIP
How exclusive you make this or how important they actually are doesn’t really matter. As long as you make them feel important is what matters.  It makes your regulars feel more valued and part of an exclusive group, or even turn infrequent visitors into regulars.

Throwing out an occasional VIP Only night is a sure-fire way to get a solid bunch of regulars through the door. Incentivise a VIP member to bring a friend by giving them a drink on entry. Whatever you do in this situation is up to you, but it’s about creating the feeling of exclusivity and value.

So those the three tips we recommend for success in the nightclub industry. Underpinning all of this should be Social Media and email marketing strategy. Capturing your audiences email data is crucial to promoting a successful club, so knowing the smartest way to do that is vitally important. If you want to know the fastest and most efficient way to gain this, give a member of the Fusion team a call.