The WiFi Butterfly Effect is a very interesting scenario for businesses to look at. Did you know that every time somebody ‘likes’ a business page on Facebook, this event is broadcast to their followers on their timeline?  Did you also know that on average, each Facebook user has over 200 followers on average?

Now what if I told you that almost 10% of Facebook users would buy from a business based on a friend publicly liking a business page?

The WiFi Butterfly Effect

It makes you think doesn’t it.  It makes you realise the value of encouraging people to go on Facebook, Twitter or other channels to interact with your pages. Imagine the knock on effect that this could have on your business…

Also, businesses that offer complimentary WiFi access to customers are seeing higher sales and customer retention.

Transform Your WiFi

Paul Webster

Paul Webster

Chief Operating Officer

COO at Fusion WiFi, Consultant at Silicon South. Proud Yorkshireman & Student of the Polish language.

Mainly responsible for shaping the financial and strategic direction of the business, but also love finding ways to create ROI for businesses and solving problems that they didn't know existed.  It's not about the WiFi, its about the interaction.