Mikrotik Hotspot – Facebook Login

The idea of self-serving WiFi has been around for a number of years now. A particular favourite of ours is the Mikrotik platform. It’s hugely versatile and will support the most basic to the most complicated of configurations.

One of the popular selling features of Mikrotik hardware is the in-built Hotspot solution. Using the in-built accounting system or a third-party radius solution these things can really come to life if you’re looking to offer guest WiFi.

One of the downsides of trying to setup a solution like this is that there’s not many options in the way of login screen customisation and the available third-party RADIUS solutions are somewhat dated.

Social WiFi (logging into a WiFi Hotspot using Facebook, Twitter etc) is the revolutionary new authentication method for public WiFi. It enabled fast data capture, social media integration, Facebook page likes, Tweets & checkins.

The Fusion WiFi platform has been developed with Mikrotik in mind and provides a great alternative to the basic Mikrotik Hotspot Login by allowing users to login using Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin or Google.

Our solution comes completely plug and play so absolutely no technical knowledge is required – a great business in a box for anyone looking to become a social WiFi reseller.

If you have your own cafe, bar, hotel, nightclub, hair salon or any other public space which offers WiFi, then sign up to one of our packages and join the Social WiFi revolution.