Business owners need to keep on top of technology. Everywhere you look people are using smartphones and tablets in public. All of these are fairly useless without Internet connectivity, whether through 3G, 4G or WiFi.

These days, with the advent of 4G connectivity, it’s getting harder to find an unlimited data contract without paying through the nose, so the savvy tech user will search out free WiFi spots whenever they can.

If you’re offering WiFi, then you’re these guys’ friends! If you’re not currently offering WiFi, you may need to reconsider. Here’s a report from the Huffington Post explaining the statistics behind customers’s need to have access to free WiFi in hotels. It might surprise you.

Offering WiFi used to just be an additional expense without much return on investment. But now, there’s Social WiFi. Give your customers an easy way to get online (using their social media accounts – no more lengthy online forms and passwords), and in return, get data that you can use for marketing. The best thing is, it’s with their permission.

Not only that, you can have people automatically like your Facebook page or follow your Twitter feed. Or email them a couple of days after they visit you automatically. You could offer them a money-off coupon for their next visit, or direct them to your Tripadvisor page for a review.

Really, the only limit is that of your marketing team’s imagination. Read more on our homepage, or look through some success stories to see how we’ve helped other businesses like yours.

Social WiFi has the potential to revolutionise how you talk to your customers.

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