You run a bar, restaurant or hotel. You do excellent food and you’ve got a great offer on your meals for two – Everyone who buys two meals and two desserts gets a free bottle of wine. The perfect offer for birthday celebrations or anniversaries!

Now, you know this is a great offer and your customers know it’s a great offer. But how do you get more customers to know about it? Advertising, usually, either in print or by radios. Perhaps some use of Social Media – why not tell your Facebook fans?

What if you don’t have many Facebook fans? People can’t be expected to eat out every week, so you need to increase your pool of resources and your customer database. What’s the best way to do that?

Even with a lot of Facebook fans and a decent email database, you’ll never know when your customers’ birthdays and anniversaries are, unless you ask everyone who comes in. Hardly practical….

Fusion WiFi Login Screen

The bottom line, then, is that you need more information about your customers, and you need a way to collect that information easily without tying up your staff.

Enter Social WiFi. You can use your WiFi connection to collect data from your customers, by offering them free wifi and a simple way to log in using the main social networks. No more nasty online forms for them to fill in. A beautifully presented login screen with your branding. Everyone wins.

Collecting birthdays and anniversaries from Facebook will give you the edge over your competitors, because you’ll be able to send out really relevant emails to your customers inviting them to your free wine jamboree. If I got an email a week before my birthday offering me free wine, I think I’d likely take them up on it.

This is just one feature of our Social WiFi system. Call us today on 01202 912 202 and we’ll talk about a package suitable for your business.  Read about more features on the rest of our blog, or download our marketing whitepaper for information about how Social WiFi can help your business.

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