I like coffee, so when I’m out visiting clients and have a bit of time between meetings to catch up on some work, I’ll usually head to a local coffee shop. A lot of my work is performed online and in the cloud, so the first thing I look for is a coffee shop that provides free WiFi. If I’ve got a couple of hours to get on with a PPC campaign or make some changes to the website, I’m going to need somewhere that a) does great coffee and b) helps me to get online easily without having to fill in archaic contact forms.

If you run a coffee shop then people like me might represent a fair proportion of your business. People who have time to kill during the day, need somewhere to work, and need internet access.  Pretty good customers, all in all, because most of them probably like cake too.  How much is a few cups of coffee and a couple of cakes worth to your business? Repeated a few times a week?

If you’re not offering WiFi, and good easy to use WiFi at that, then you won’t attract potential customers like me.

So how about looking into Social WiFi?  In a nutshell, people come in to your cafe, log in to your free wifi using their social media account (instead of a provided password or online form). In return for making it easier for your customer to get online you can get Facebook likes and email addresses. With those you can extend your reach across the social networks and with email marketing.

But here’s something clever – how about automatically emailing someone who’s just logged in letting them know about today’s offers? Buy a coffee and a sandwich, get a free flapjack. I’d probably take you up on that (I like sandwiches too).

There’s a lot you can do with Social WiFi, and it doesn’t cost the earth.  

Social WiFi has the potential to revolutionise how you talk to your customers.

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