Facebook Likes are quite important these days. Many people use Facebook to catch up with their friends, see what’s happening in the world of news, and share videos of cats. Businesses also use Facebook, because they see the value in having a forum for people to share their views about the service they’ve received, or generally just keep in touch about upcoming events.

Without liking your page, though, your customers won’t be able to see all your lovely news. Encouraging people to like your social media can be a battle, but there is an easier way.

Free business WiFi is a no-brainer these days, you should be offering it to your customers because it’s expected. Up until now it’s just been one of those necessary expenses that businesses have to swallow. But you can make your free WiFi more rewarding for you and your customer, by making it Social.

Rather than the traditional way of getting online, filling in clunky forms and giving your life story, Social Wifi allows your customers to get online in seconds by simply using a social media account to log in. It just takes a few seconds, and your customers will really appreciate you for it. Your staff won’t need to memorise passwords or collect email address from people, so it’s a real time saver.

“What’s in it for me?”, I hear you cry. Well, the benefits of Social WiFi are many. The most obvious one is that you can get a Facebook like for everyone that logs in to your free WiFi using Facebook, automatically. So now you’re instantly able to connect to them using your social media pages. The system supports Google, LinkedIn and Twitter as well, so you can leverage all of these to get your message across.