If you run a small business then one of your primary marketing tactics may be to encourage people to review you on Tripadvisor (“the world’s largest travel site”). As we all know, word-of-mouth advertising is still the most effective form of advertising. People trust other people’s reviews. How many of us read through recent hotel reviews to check out places we are thinking of staying? Probably quite a number.


So, you’ve decided your goal is to get more Tripadvisor reviews, but what is your method for doing so? Are you contacting people after their visit, thanking them for their stay? Do you catch everyone on their way out the door and say, “Don’t forget to review us!”? It’s not always that practical, and you might not always have a way to contact your customers. If you haven’t got their email address then you won’t get too far.

If you’re running a hotel then I’m sure you’re thinking, “I do have their email address actually”. But do you have one for everyone in the booking or just for the lead booker? How about people who come in for a cup of coffee, or visit your conference room?

Lets look at a two-pronged attack to boost Tripadvisor reviews.

1) Get an email address.

Firstly, let’s make sure you get an email address from most of your guests.  What’s the easiest way to get an email address? Ask them, of course! You might not have time for that, though, so how about using a system which asks them for you automatically? You can integrate such a system into the Free WiFi that you offer, and then anyone who comes in and logs in to your WiFi will give you their email address.

So that’s great, you say, you now have an email address from anyone who logs in. You can use this to email them asking for a review. But wait – you haven’t got time to email people because you’re too busy running your business. Why not use the same system to automatically email your customers the next day, requesting they leave a review?

You could write one email and set it up to send to everyone automatically.  That’s pretty neat.

2) Customise your WiFi landing page.

Once your customers have logged in, you can direct them to your business page on Tripadvisor, as a friendly reminder to ask for a review. The more times you put this page in front of your customer, they more likely they are to take action. They’re busy people after all, so you have to catch them at the right time.

How did we get here?

The concept of data capture using WiFi is a new one, and Fusion WiFi are at the cutting edge. We call it Social WiFi – a way for your customers to get online easily using their social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Google, LinkedIn). In doing so, they give permission for you to collect a wide range of data from these accounts, and you can use this to talk to them.

Automatic emailing, Facebook page likes, Twitter follows and wall posts are just the tip of the iceberg. It’s all about collecting information. With that, you’re going to be much more engaging to your customers, and consequently, likely to get a better review.

Social WiFi has the potential to revolutionise how you talk to your customers.

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