You’ve got a killer product or promotion, an email database, and you want to know how to increase email open rates. How do you do it?

Well, before you start searching for how to write a snappy effective email subject title, you need to make sure that your email database is qualified and that your emails are relevant to your customer.  How did you collect your emails in the first place?  Did it take a lot of time and investment collecting them by hand, writing them into a spreadsheet with just a first name, or worse, no name?

Customer data should be measured in three ways – its breadth (how much of it you hold in your database), its depth (the amount of data you have for each customer), and perhaps most importantly, its quality.

Accurate data is critical to successful marketing.

Bill runs a small coffee shop in Dorset.  Up until now he’s been busy, very busy, making sure his customers are happy and putting the hours in to supplying a friendly, relaxing environment.   He even supplies free WiFi to his customers, because he’s heard that’s what they want.

He hasn’t had time to fully focus his marketing efforts.  In fact, it’s fair to say that his online marketing has been rather lacking.  He’s been looking for a solution that will take the hassle out of collecting email addresses, sending personalised emails to his customers with promotional offers, and making sure that the people he contacts are actually real customers, not just a list purchased from the internet.

Lets be honest, we’re only likely to open an email that we’ve signed up for, or that is relevant to us.  We’d be far more likely to open an email sent to us from a local business we recently visited giving us a discount on our next.

Bill knew that marketing was important.  He’d heard about “Social Marketing” and knew it could help him, but he didn’t have time to implement it.

Until now.  Bill discovered that he could implement an automatic solution that would collect user’s social media information, in return for free WiFi access in his coffee shop.  This Social WiFi solution would also allow him to set-and-forget his email marketing strategy.  It helps him engage with his customers through social channels, offering him the option to automatically have them like his Facebook page, or follow him on Twitter.  He could finally get his brand out there, and concentrate on making great coffee.

Information collected in this way, from people who have visited you, will really increase your customer engagement. A targeted email directed at someone who is genuinely interested is more likely to be opened.

Social WiFi by Fusion WiFi – making qualified customer data collection a doddle!