This is part 3 of a series of articles entitled “Use Social WiFi for better marketing – Dramatically improve your brand penetration online.” View part 1 here and part 2 here.

Social media is really important these days, and your business and brand needs a social presence, because customers expect this as much as they expect free WiFi. Without it, you’ll not get those all-important social likes and shares, because word-of-mouth advertising is probably the most important kind. You’re more likely to trust a business recommendation from someone you know.

1) Get Social. You should have a presence on all the main social networks, but at a minimum you should consider setting up a Facebook page and a Twitter feed. The two can be linked so you only need to post on one of them for duplication across the other. Social WiFi is really going to help you here. Social Media is used for sharing your content with your customers, and the really good stuff is going to be shared around among their friends, and their friends’ friends. Getting people to like your Facebook page and follow your Twitter feed is important, and with Social WiFi, it can be automatic. It’s all about multichannel marketing, and this includes multiple social channels.

2) Encourage content creation. You should encourage your customers to create and share their own content and give them your support. Photo competitions are a pretty good way to do this. Everyone likes a social media photo; these are shared more often than text and links alone, at least in our experience.

3) Get a targeted community. It’s best not to use Facebook ads to boost the number of page likes to your page because you’ll probably get a wide range of non-relevant likes, which in the long run will actually hurt your social media efforts. Instead, build an organic community through the creation of useful and relevant content. Speak to customers who have actually visited you and can advocate your business. If you need to encourage them to join your page or follow you, then offer them free Social WiFi. There’s so much power in accurate data.

However you choose to proceed, make sure you have a strong marketing plan in place, leveraging social media channels and web marketing whenever possible. Capitalise on the increased numbers in your venue by offering Social WiFi, allowing you to capture their data on login to your free WiFi. A qualified database is going to increase your email open rates and number of likes and shares on the social networks, because you’ll be speaking to your customers in a way that’s more relevant to them.

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