Everywhere you look people are on their smartphones connecting with their friends and family. Isn’t it time you connected with them as well?

Fusion WiFi enables you to connect directly with your customers utilising Social WiFi through brand awareness, social networks and targeted marketing campaigns.

Imagine this. You run a cafe and a customer comes in for a coffee then connects to your Free WiFi. What next? Using Fusion WiFi’s powerful solution your brand is shown to your customer as they connect to your Free WiFi using one of their social media accounts. No more forms to fill out or passwords to forget. They are then asked to ‘Like’ your Facebook page or ‘Follow’ you on Twitter. An instant customer connection is formed with your customer, your social media accounts are promoted and your marketing database is populated, all with the customers permission.

Social WiFi has the potential to revolutionise how you talk to your customers.

But that’s not the end, using the in-built marketing tools, you can send emails to your customer without impacting on your busy schedule. It’s all automated.

Why not send your customer a discount code for their next visit, a birthday gift, a BOGOF offer or even ask them to write a Trip Advisor review? The options are endless. All of this is available for as little as £15 per month.


To find out more, why not call us on 01202 912 202 and we’ll work with you and help promote your business.