Luminar Group installs Fusion WiFi in 5 venues in the South.

The Luminar group, the UK’s largest nightclub chain including brands such as Cameo, Oceana and PRYZM, chooses Fusion WiFi to install and run its Social WiFi platform. Luminar operate exciting and entertaining venues where people can meet, eat, drink and dance. They strive to create memorable experiences that their customers love coming back to, over and over again. With a branded estate of over 55 nightclubs and bars, they have the largest square footage of nightclub capacity in the country. By allowing its customers access to Free WiFi, its venues are at the cutting-edge of technology and in-venue user experience.


Fusion WiFi is now available in Cameo (Bournemouth), Club Batchwood (Hertfordshire), Oceana (Southampton), PRYZM (Kingston-upon-Thames) and Vinyl (Bournemouth).

Fusion WiFi provides a marketing solution which simplifies the login process for customers visiting your business. By offering Social WiFi, the ability to connect with your customers by offering updates through social media and email campaigns is far increased.

Adam Troman, Managing Director of FusionWiFi Ltd said, “Luminar is THE benchmark for nightclub venues in the UK, so installing our Social WiFi platform is a logical next step for them to capitalise on that reputation, by offering a simple WiFi solution to their customers.”.

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