It’s not the 1990s anymore. So if you’re still employing staff to walk around your bar or nightclub collecting email address and names from your customers, then you may need to move with the times.

Customer data capture is important, because it’s the only way you will get to know them and market to them. You need to reach your customer with the right message at the right time if you are to be successful in influencing their buying patterns.

Nightclubs, bars and club promoters traditionally employ people, usually students, to walk round clubs and bars greeting customers and signing them up to various newsletters in exchange, usually, for a cheap drink.

The major drawback of this of course usually falls to illegible handwriting and customers who give false data, meaning you have wasted time and money in collecting bad data.

Also, if you’re only collecting names and email addresses, you are missing out on a whole range of information that will make your marketing efforts far easier.

I walked into a restaurant only this lunchtime to book a table for two. I noticed on the bar a clipboard with a list of hand-written email addresses, with a chalkboard next to it asking me to “sign up to our newsletter”. Notwithstanding the huge data protection issues with that list being left on the bar for all to see, I didn’t have time nor the inclination to write my name on it.

And there’s the rub. If people are going to give you their data in return for something, they’d better trust you not to leave it lying around on your bar.

Fusion WiFi offer an elegant solution in the from of Social WiFi – a way for your customers to easily get online in your venue by logging in simply with their social media account. In return, they give you permission to collect their data, which is securely stored and only accessible by you, the registered account holder.

The data capture is automatic and accurate. You’ll not just get access to names and email addresses, but dates of birth, location, relationship status, gender, place of work, number of friends and follows, and more.

With this information, you’re going to be far more relevant to your customers with your marketing efforts.

It doesn’t cost the earth.  In fact, when you consider how many people you’re employing to collect data, then the time taken to manually input and check it, you’ll probably find you’re better off with Social WiFi.

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