Find out how to set up Guest WiFi hotspot at your business, using Social Media authentication for data capture.  Get your customers online easily and finally get something back in return for your time and effort.

The public are a picky bunch.  Wherever they go, they want to be connected to the internet.  One could almost say they demand to be connected to the internet.  And you’d better provide it to them, or they will go elsewhere.  In fact, there are a huge amount of statistics to support this position.

So, you probably already get the premise that in 2015, you’d better be offering free internet to your customers.  So how do you do it?  If you’ve never set up a guest wireless network before you might think it’s pretty complicated.  How do you handle the authentication?  Do you just write a password on the chalkboard and let people help themselves?  How do you track what people are doing on your internet connection?  How do you keep your staff and business networks segregated from your public network, to prevent snooping?  And what do you get in return for the expense?

You may be pleased to know that actually, all these issues are really simple to solve.  As long as you have a broadband connection (and really, even if you don’t because they’re easy to set up too), then you can offer a secure, simple and easily branded guest wifi hotspot to your customers.

Simple Installation

Instead of taking time out of your busy schedule researching hardware and software and technology, just give Fusion WiFi a call, or order our Social WiFi box online.  You just plug it in to your broadband and you instantly have a super simple to use, secure and trackable guest wifi hotspot.  You could have it installed the next day.We’ll even send you a window sticker, some POS, and a range of helpful literature to get you started.

If you’ve got a larger venue, and you think you’ll need multiple repeaters (Access Points) to get full coverage, then we can recommend something in your budget.  We’ll also fully configure and send it to you.

And here’s the clever part.

For the first time, you are now able to get something back from your WiFi.  It doesn’t just need to be another necessary business expense.

Social Media Authentication (or “Social WiFi” as we call it), allows users to log in using Facebook, Twitter, Google, LinkedIn, Instagram or their email address.  In the process, a vast amount of data can be captured form those social media accounts, which you can use in targeted marketing.

You can also increase your social reach by getting Facebook Likes and Twitter Followers in the process. Automatically email your customers at the point of login, or perhaps the next day, without lifting a finger.

Imagine being able to really get to know your customers.  Not just their name and email address, but their interests, location, even their job title.  Find out what makes them tick and you can talk to them on their level. Send them offers that will be relevant to them and they’ll be far more likely to take you up on it.