Customer service and satisfaction are crucial to the success of your business and word-of-mouth recommendations are incredibly important. In fact, 92% of people trust recommendations from friends and family more than any other form of advertising (source:

This raises some interesting questions. Do you know if your customers are recommending your business? Do you even know your customers? If you don’t know their names, then you can’t be expected to know if they are recommending you, and you can’t expect your business to grow using social or word-of-mouth marketing.

If you don’t truly know your customers then you may need to think about turning your WiFi Social.

You’re probably already aware of the importance of offering free WiFi to your customers. Most customers these days expect, even demand free internet access. If you’re not offering it, then they’ll either spend less time with you, or worse, go to your competitor.

So, you’ve offered free WiFi to your customer. Now what? Do you just watch them come in and out of your venue not knowing who they are, just hoping they’ll return, never actually speaking to them? Social WiFi allows you to change all that. It allows you to collect publicly available social media data from your customers, with their permission, once they’ve logged into your free WiFi using a social media account of their choice.

The true value of this is not to be understated. Consider what accurate, qualified customer data is worth to your marketing efforts.

Identify - Social WiFi

Speaking of marketing efforts, have you been engaging in costly blanket marketing techniques, including advertising in the local local press, or street flyer handouts? Or do you simply not have the time to spend on marketing, because you are busy running your business? After all, it’s no use having a great pool of data if you haven’t got the time or resource to act on it.

Integrating a Social WiFi solution will allow you to automatically have your customers like your Facebook page, or follow your Twitter feed. You can request they check in when they visit, so their friends know they are enjoying a tasty coffee or cake at your bar. on average, Facebook users have 190 friends. Just think about the benefit to your business if everyone who walked through the door told 190 of their friends about their experience…

And what about email? Email is still the most cost-effective form of marketing there is. If you could send an automated email, addressing your customer by name, thanking them for visiting you, and offering them an incentive to return next week, then you are going to see real returns for very little work. Set up this email once, and you can email anyone who logs in to your WiFi, automatically.

The bottom line is, if you implement Fusion WiFi‘s solution then you’ll really be able to get to know your customers, engage with them and, most importantly, let them engage with their friends. All this with almost no time and effort on your part.

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