Changing an SSID in Winbox

You may wish to change the name of the WiFi network that your guests see when they search for your network.

1)  Log into Winbox in the usual manner for the appropriate location.

winbox change ssid

2)  Click Wireless and view the Interfaces tab.

winbox change ssid

3)  Double click on the SSID profile you wish to amend, in this example the name is ‘Fusion WiFi (Demo)’.

winbox change ssid

Select the Wireless tab on the pop up window.

On row 5, the field SSID is what you need to change.

4)  Type the new SSID you require.

Click Apply on the right-hand side of the screen.  The update is instantly reflected on the network and the new SSID is now being broadcast.

Be aware that any connected clients will be disconnected and will need to reconnect to the new SSID. Their session will remain active.