Social WiFi Business Sectors

Just a few Business Sectors that benefit from Social WiFi.

Our Social WiFi solution can be used across a wide range of business sectors, from Retail and Leisure, through to Hospitality and Events Management. In fact, if you supply a free guest WiFi hotspot to your customers, then you need to consider making it Social. The advantages to you are huge. You can collect customer data from anyone who logs in using their social media accounts, and use it in targeted marketing. No more sending out email surveys, no more blanket marketing through expensive media channels. You simply let them come in to your shop, your restaurant, your bar, or visit your event or concert, and you’ll automatically be able to know who they are.
Free WiFi for Bars and Pubs

Bars and Pubs

People need to get online and often the sheer number of people in a busy pub means a poor mobile reception. This is the most important place to offer WiFi – what could be more Social!

Free WiFi for Restaurants


If you aren’t offering Free WiFi in your restaurant already you are missing a trick. It’ll keep your customers longer and increase their spend.

Free WiFi for Cafes and Coffee Shops

Cafes and Coffee Shops

Sitting down to enjoy a coffee and a cake is a great way to spend an afternoon. How many people take this opportunity to catch up on emails or connect with their friends online?

Free WiFi for Nightclubs


Talking on a phone in a nightclub is almost impossible. Many customers are turning to the social networks to contact their friends while inside. Get them to invite their friends down to your club with an automated wall post. You’ll reach on average 190 people for each one who does!

Free WiFi for Hair Salons

Hair and Beauty Salons

Your customers may spend some time with you, either waiting for their turn if you’re running a turn-up-and-cut service, or waiting while their highlights are put in. Most are probably reaching for a magazine or getting their smartphone out to browse online. How can you make sure they come back? It’s surprisingly simple.

Free WiFi for Car Dealerships

Car Dealerships

You deal with clients who you hope will become long-term prospects, from per-sales through the sales process, and in your aftercare and service products. Getting information from your prospects initially is key – you want to sweep up those tentative browsers find finding out who they are. Once you have their details, you can send them your offers and remind them you are in the area.

Free WiFi for Shopping Malls

Shopping Malls and Retail

Retail Space is the perfect area to install Social WiFi. With many thousands of customers passing through daily in the largest shopping malls, the potential for marketing to a captive audience is huge. Howewver, the potential for you to miss the opportunity to speak directly to your customers is also huge. Install Social WiFi and you can reach more people with your highly-targeted message.

Free WiFi for Hotels


The travel industry is extremely competitive. Give yourself the edge by making your WiFi smarter, and collecting customer data for targeted marketing. The more direct bookings you can make, the less commission you pay to booking websites.

Free WiFi for Theme Parks

Theme Parks & Outdoor Attractions

Theme Parks are fantastic recreational areas that attract hundreds of thousands of visitors each year. The marketing potential for reaching these customers is huge, but how do you do that? With Social WiFi, you can collect information about all of your visitors, including their email address and their age, to help you keep in touch in the future and entice them back with special offers.